International Student Insurance for San Bernardino Valley College, San Bernardino

The US health care while excellent is very expensive and therefore adequate health insurance coverage is required for international students. The plans offered on our website provide comprehensive coverage for these students at a very affordable price. You can purchase low cost insurance plans as an alternate to San Bernardino Valley College insurance which will be more expensive.

Insurance for International Students(F1 Visa)

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Foreign students on the F1 visa should be aware of the need for student health insurance. Very often students buy the University insurance plan, which is most convenient. However, there are cheaper plans designed especially for international students. The health insurance for students offered on our website are usually cheaper than the college plans, and we can help in completing the university insurance waiver form if required.
  • Student Secure Select, Student Secure Budget, Patriot Exchange, Student Health Advantage and Liaison Student do not provide coverage for wellness/routine and preventive care services.
  • Geoblue navigator provides maternity coverage but has a waiting period of 364 days.
These plans are also available for international students with M1 Visa taking part in vocational or technical training.

International Scholar with J1 Visa

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Exchange scholars coming to the US on the J1 visa should buy health insurance as defined by the US consulate. We offer several plans that satisfy J visa requirements. You can compare quotes of these different plans along with their coverage benefits to make a sound decision.

Supplement Plan for J Visa Holders

Sky Rescue plan offered by International Medical Group (IMG) supplements university health plans to fulfill medical evacuation and repatriation requirements for J1 visa holders.

Insurance coverage for F2 or J2 Visa holders

Spouse and Childrens of F1 and J1 visa holders are issued the F2 and J2 visas respectively. While J1 visa holders have insurance requirements mandated by the US consulate, given the high health care costs in the US, it is prudent for F2 and J2 visa holders to also have proper insurance coverage.

Plan options for students in OPT status

International students on the F1 visa are allowed to enroll for optional practical training(OPT). This allows students to work off campus, or work without being enrolled for coursework in the university. Since students in this OPT visa status are not enrolled in coursework, they will be ineligible for some student insurance plans. The plans listed below are available for F1 students on the OPT status

Plan options offering coverage for collegiate sports

Few student insurance plans offer coverage for sporting activities. The plans listed below cover sporting activities, some of them directly, while other have additional riders specifically for sports.
Student Ratio Total Students: 1,550(approx)
Fall Application Deadline: August 29
Financial Aid
Undergrads Receiving Any Aid: 73%(approx)
Undergrads Receiving School Grant: 0%
Average Amount of School Grant: $100(approx)
In-State Tution: $0
Out-of-State Tution: $6,280(approx)
Test Scores
Test 25% 75%
SAT Verbal N/A N/A
SAT Math N/A N/A
ACT Composite N/A N/A
ACT Math N/A N/A
ACT English N/A N/A
Student Body
Students Total %
All 19,910(approx)
International 23 0.1%
International Males 11 0.1%
International Females 12 0.1%
Graduation Rate: 13%(approx)
Transfer - Out Rate: 16.5%(approx)
The SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test) and the ACT(American College Testing) are the standardized test for college admissions in the United States.
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The information presented on American Student Insurance is for providing resources for international students. The resource provided here is in no any way intended to indicate any relationship between your school/college/university and our company. International students should verify directly with the concerned school/college/university to confirm whether this student insurance meets your university student insurance requirements.
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